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You’re probably here from GameLightz’ recent video on Pixel Bunkers. While working on and researching these bunkers with him I created this oxide/umod plugin to help us more easily understand what’s happening. I thought I would release this publically for anyone who wants to use it to practice their pixelbunker placements or if they want to use it to investgate something else.


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Y-Position Info UI adds a simple UI to show your Y position, meaning your vertical position in the world. This mod is intended to help with building, more specifically building pixelbunkers.

You can set an Entity as your Y Reference Entity, meaning instead of showing your overall Y position, it shows you how far above or below you are in relation to a specific entity. This is intended to be used with foundations, showing your position as exactly 0 when standing on the foundation. You can change your Y Reference Entity by looking at an entity and pressing “Reload” while not holding anything in your hand, or with the setyentity command.

Commands (both chat and console)

  • toggleyui - Toggles the UI
  • setyentity - Sets the Entity you are looking at as your Y Reference Entity.


  • ShowUIByDefault - bool: default = true - Whether or not players should see the UI by default when they join the server.
  • UIRefreshRateMilliSeconds - int: default = 0 - How often to update the UI, in milliseconds. If you run into performance issues you can change this. 0 means it updates as often as possible.
  • CommandOnlyMode - bool: default = false - This disables the functionailty of settings your Y Reference Entity with the hammer and you must use the command to change it.

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